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Tray table MARYD Green

IKEA - MARYD, Tray table, green, , You can fold the table to put it away when it is not needed.You can use the removable tray for serving.The tray has an extra wide edge and high sides that prevent spills and make it easy to carry.

Højde: 22/32 cm Diameter: 20/47 cm   Rummer: 5 liter Materiale: Varmgalvaniseret og pulverlakeret metal vandkande    Note: Vandkanden har messing...

IKORNNES Floor mirror, ash

IKEA - IKORNNES, Floor mirror, , Tired in the mornings? You can save time by hanging tomorrow’s outfit behind the mirror.To avoid clothes piles and extra loads of laundry, you can hang used clothes behind the mirror.Suitable for use in most rooms, and tested and approved for bathroom use.Safety film reduces damage if glass is broken.

Koberec „Zoey”, 160 x 228 cm

VOLFGANG Stoel, verchroomd, Isunda grijs

IKEA - VOLFGANG, Stoel, Door de rustgevende vering in de zitting zit je comfortabel.Door de gestoffeerde zitting zit je comfortabel.

Camelot Nailhead Dining Chair - Dove Gray (Set of 2) - Threshold™