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How Your Powerful Prayers Are Wrecking Your Relationship with God

We could lie and tell you that you can make God do anything you want if you just use the right words. But we're going to tell you the truth instead.

Understanding Prayer: Can Other Christians Turn God Against You?

Mark Howell addresses a real challenge for small group leaders: to teach people to pray with one another.

Why We Won’t Pray For You

"Will you pray for me?" "No." Sounds mean, right? But coming from us, it's really not. In this post, we explain why we do not take prayer requests, and why we won't even pretend to go along with this prayer game that is so popular in the Church. As Christian teachers, we have to answer to God for how we treat His flock, and the truth is that we care too much about the longterm health of your soul to tell you pretty lies about prayer.

Prayer Frustrations: Why won’t God talk when I’m ready to listen?

When you’re focused and listening, God has nothing to say. When you’re busy and distracted, that’s when He pipes up. Is there a point to this? Yes, and in this post we discuss some of the reasons why God chooses to be this kind of evasive with souls who are sincerely seeking Him.

Talking to God: Two Essential Rules

Prayer is an extremely serious subject to God.

Asking & Aligning: The Two Stages of Prayer

The Church teaches us to stay stuck in asking. God wants us to move on to alignment.

Responding to Your Child’s Serious Illness: Help for Christian Parents

In this post, we discuss difficult truths that no one wants to hear, and yet these are the truths that you need to grapple with if you're going to come out of this situation in a better place than you're at now.

Practicing Trust: The Prayer Journal Exercise

A hands on method for eliminating repetitive requests and building trust that God has heard your prayers.

Why Serious Christians Shouldn’t Pray the Lord’s Prayer

In this post, we compare the Lord's Prayer with David's prayer in Psalm 23 ("The Lord is my Shepherd...") to help you understand why praying the Lord's Prayer as a serious believer is going to lead you spiritually astray.

Intercessory Prayer Teams: Don’t Go There

Intercessory Prayer Teams: Don't Go There