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+ Rebecca. I love to cuddle with my cat while watching cartoons and take journeys to outer space. ♔ scorpio. whovian. slytherin. trekkie. waterbender. tater tot. currently star wars trash. ♥

sorry guys, but i probably have about a gazillion artistic renderings of the TARDIS between this board and my "Art" board. but it's just kind of lovely looking, isn't it?

Have you notice how the the scene becomes darker/more intense after the war? It's all the weight he has on his shoulders-------- but Twelve's is lighter, representing how he doesn't feel that pain anymore, now that he saved Gallifrey.

"Spoilers" DID IT REALLY!? I NEED TO SEE THIS EPISODE..... if it did really<-------sorry it didn't, though we can always pretend it did and they just didn't say it out loud.

Doctor Who - Keep Buggering On - British WW2 Propaganda Pastiche - 17 x 11" Digital Print