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Mar 22 RNC Confirms Rules Changed to Prevent Trump from Winning Republican Nomination

RNC Confirms Rules Changed to Prevent Trump from Winning Republican Nomination. If they think people will vote for Paul Ryan, they can shove it up their asses!!!

The American Republic Is In Grave Danger — ‘One minute to midnight’ | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary | 4.22.16 |"The American Body Politic Must Bring The 9/11 Perpetrators To Justice 9/11 TRUTH: Trigger Point For The Second American Revolution. Very few really understand the grave danger that the American people face at this time. Truly, the gathering storm which continues to grow in size and fury is such that time is of the essence."

Judge Jeanine Predicts the End of the GOP If Trump's Nomination Is Stolen - Dave Hodges -- Judge Jeanine issued a stern warning on Saturday night. The judge warned that any attempt to follow “choker” Mitt Romney’s lead to have a brokered convention in order to steal the nomination from Donald Trump and subsequently subvert the will of the people will result in dire consequences for the GOP. [03/07/16]

Chicago Eyewitnesses: “Anti-Hate” Leftists are the Most Hateful People Imaginable » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

YouTube---"The Vicious Snake" read by Donald Trump---- this is a very potent video, like nothing I've seen before!!!!!!

BOOM! Evidence FINALLY Proves Hillary Intentionally Lied To Public About Benghazi [VIDEO] »

Top Aide to Hillary Says Let the Rape-fugees Come// By the way huma is tied to a Muslim group run by her family that has ties to those who funded the 911 attacks

Organized Chicago Violence, Senator Cruz has a prime opportunity to highlight the intolerance of the left. Instead he chooses to attack Donald Trump