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Explore Doglando Environment, Skills and more!

How many dogs can you get to lay down at one time!? *Doglando Skills*

Cancerous tissue, pus-filled sores: is dog food harming your pup?

Louise says: 'We seem to have been taught that our dogs need special foods, special diets and special treats. They really don't. They need r...

Who doesn't love swimming! How about your dogs? Check out our daily Campus Blog to find out more about swimming and much more — University of Doglando

All breeds and sizes are welcome at Doglando! We teach all our dogs to coexist with each other, large/small - Chihuahua/St. Bernard! We love them all the same!!

We are not a doggy daycare.... We are an ENRICHMENT CENTER! We do training throughout the day with all dogs who come to the University of Doglando! Everyone gets some training at Doglando, even our humans!

Look at these stellar Enrichment dogs! Waiting for the release from the Dog Bus! Campus Blog — University of Doglando

Easy access ramp into and out of the pool! This is very helpful for any dogs with joint issues and for dog that are new to the pool environment.