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Preview of day 15 : In a different clothing style. I got really inspired and yes I know I’m sorry but I also killed proportions and I have no notions of fashion so…

Kids wanted me to draw a fairy, and I had to do it with sharpies of the size of my arm. It was a torture, but it’s not so bad…I think…and yes I know her neck is too long… H.z.

My only worry: is John like John?? - TRM Alternate

Omg I’m sorry, I’m stuck in a hotel room and the only thing to do is draw here so yeah, I made some NymphJohn and sorry I miserably failed. ugh. H.z.

This is the story of a little lost girl named Simone and a great forest guardian named Plum.

Places from a story I’m currently working on, you know, the one with Claude and Vladimir? Yeah, that one. Actually, it won’t be the last time you hear of it since this blog will share a lot of their...



Last preview ever because I’M GOING TO NEW YORK - TRM Alternate

I Can Feel It In My Bones H.z. - TRM Alternate

Scrap drawing I made… Probably never gonna finish it. Is it just me, or did I accidentally made a FemLoki? I was planing on colouring her clothes green, and she has evil super powers(kind of)… H.z.