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Underwood Photo Archives London, England Sept 14, 1939 The very latest fashion in air raid shelter wear is a slip on dressing gown complete...

Lee Miller: intimate moments of a 20th-century muse - in pictures

Credit: Lee Miller. © Lee Miller Archives, England 2013. All rights reserved. Non-conformist chapel, London, England (1940)

Anderson Shelter 1940. These bomb shelters were given free to needy people by the U.K.goverment in 1939.If you earned more than 5 Pounds a week you had to buy one for 7 Pounds. Soon after Sept. 1939 over 2 million families had these shelters in their gardens. from Etiennedup on flickr

Lee Miller in Hitler's bathtub, Hitler's apartment, Munich, Germany 1945 By Lee Miller with David E. Scherman © Lee Miller Archives, England 2015. All rights reserved.

Lower limb prostheses, Roehampton, England, 1966, via Flickr. (Most likely worn by a victim of thalidomide. I went to school with a boy who wore very similar prosthesis. ~RB) (Wellcome Images L0066529)