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{the forest part 5} and it's done. it also found a really nice home which makes me happy. it was fun to share the process. I hope you enjoyed it. this piece is 7" x 7" painted with acrylic inks and colored pencils on 3/4" thick birch plywood. the carving was done on a little desktop CNC called the shapeoko2. #t

A rare creature with tentacles and one great eye. @fisbn generously sent me this really cool cut-out and now it's going back to Atlanta to be released into the wild. Painted with acrylic ink on 1/4" plywood. #greatDecaturArtHunt #freeArtsMovement #octopiDecatur #fafatl

I was playing with colored pencils and the #sketchyNightmares got a face lift.

{close up} Thanks everyone for the warm reception on these sketchbook pages! I'm going to post a series of closeups because I enjoy the detail and texture and I think you might enjoy it too. Here you can see how I hit the colored pencil layers with an awl to create those scratch marks. I also like how those white dots are not perfectly white nor round. Correction fluid has a texture to it. I think one of these days I'm going to cover an entire page with correction fluid.

{into space WIP part 5} almost done! I'm putting some colored pencil on the borders and yes I need to get some blues. All of my blue pencils are about that size right now :)

{the forest WIP} when I was carving this piece of birch plywood some of the veneer came off but I think it looks nice. Happy accident. I was also surprised to find out the quill works pretty well on wood. Stay tuned for some progress on this piece.

{into space WIP part 3} unconventional watercolors on plywood for the background. it looks fine I think I'll add some highlights with colored pencils later. I did the "stars" with acrylic inks and now I'm adding the white dots with the quill pen.

{into space WIP part 6} and it's done. it also found a nice home which is awesome. this piece is 7"x10" painted with acrylic inks watercolors and colored pencils on 3/4" thick birch plywood. Thanks for following along!

{into space WIP part 2} carving the pockets and outlines on the CNC today. next up is a little sanding and on to the fun part: drawing! this is a piece of 3/4" thick birch plywood 7" tall 10" long. It will also be up for sale when done. Thanks for following along!