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GWAINE! STOP BEING SO ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!<<<<< forget gwain Arthur is being really adorable<<<<Merlin *swoons*

I seriously just started watching this show and it's like a good book. I cant put it down (:>>>I watched all five seasons in a week. It's unhealthily addicting

This gif may sum up Colin and Bradley's friendship perfectly. Bradley looking to Colin for confirmation, Colin just looking like he's going with the flow. Tumblr

Colin Morgan is so attractive that everyone died<---That comment isn't funny after the last episode!

The. Ending. Was. Bull. Sh*t. Excuse my language but REALLY?! The Adventures Of Merlin, one of - no - THE BEST series ever created and put on TV and THATS ITS ENDING ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?!? Whoever came up with that idea needs to be fired immediately.

I love how mouthy Merlin is to Arthur. Or, to everyone in general. :) Even though Arthur is the prince and could have merlin punished for his witty quips, Arthur just takes it because he knows that merlin is really his closest friend.