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3 baby orangutans in a row. 1/3 of the world's orangutans are threatened by the fires blazing through Indonesia right now. That's a hard hitting statistic, but it's heartbreaking images like the one on the story featured on our Facebook page which really make us all take notice. #savetheorangutans #indonesia #masihmelawanasap #stopthehaze #jerebu #haze #forestfire #forest #forestconservation #nature #animals

We don't need Palm Oil in our lives but the animals need their home. We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products, keep it natural, keep it clean, live with the environment not against it.

baby orangutan - we have got to save these animals. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH PALM OIL!!! this is whats killing these innocent animals.

The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World

The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World

Xochitl Pliego- Because of human greed and monetary gain animals are endangered. This is due to poaching and deforestation. This infographic shows quantitative data to represent the endangered animals of the world.

Orangutan Saves Chick From Drowning! Video #animals, #birds, #cute, #monkeys, #videos,

World Orangutan Day

Palm Oil - Note that all these foods are processed foods, that uses this oil, which is destroying rain forests, killing thousands of animals and valuable plants for medicines. Creating climate change.