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Explore Church Left, Ame Church and more!

The nasties of a church left open for all....including four legged creatures....oh the smell...

The mysterious found, family bible in the church closet, no binding left and completely blank

Crawl space of the house. Gorgeous beam on the left, possible recycled from an older barn. We can see the vines of the Ivy here and another sumac reaching for light..

Original door! One of two! On the left, you can see a glass panel outer door...LOVE THIS!

Who is this women?? Her photo fell out of the 1890's family bible we found in the church, was she someones lover? a member? Who?? We'll never know :(

St Luke Church roof...I am hoping, somehow, somewhere....We can get the eight grand to put a new roof, on the church before even worse structural damage occurs..

The inside of the church, all ready for that 70's wedding :)

So much rot, and termite damage to the parsonage and well church too...Our plans to move right into the parsonage is on the way back burner...not sure how fast we can reach it....