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Celeste the Yellow Labrador/Pitbull mix by Immature Animals, via Flickr

Squid species 'Promachoteuthis sulcus' seems to possess teeth, which are actually "lips" that protect the animal's beak (jaws). Only a small specimen of this species was found in the South Atlantic, at a depth of aroubd 6,600 ft, and ther are not much information about this animal. Photo: Richard E. Young

_9110301.jpg by 4x4prints, via Flickr

Red-tailed Hawk by reddirtpics, via Flickr

Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) Spud’s images - "The numbat genus Myrmecobius is the sole member of the family Myrmecobiidae, one of the three families that make up the order Dasyuromorphia, the Australian marsupial carnivores." Wikipedia

All photos on these pages have been discovered browsing the internet and credit is given if the original poster is known. If you are the original photographer/creator of any of the photos, and either...

I didn't know Fabio had died. But seeing this picture makes me think he must have. Because clearly he has been reincarnated as a horse. -- @rubyspikes

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