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Fabric poster from from <i>Ouran High School Host Club</i> with a group roses design.<ul><li> 29 1/2" x 42"</li><li>Imported</li></ul>

Yuri!!! On ice/ Ouran high school host club crossover

YOI meets OHSHC - Victor Nikifrov meets Tamaki Suoh and Yuri Katsuki meets Haruhi Fujioka

Haha this part was so funny! "So that's what s&m is; I can't believe I almost let you get away with that senpai" Ouran high school host club is a cute shoujo

Ouran Highschool Host Club Graduates: Kaoru Hitachiin

This is one of the most amazing Ouran Highschool Host Club fan arts I have ever seen. <3 HIKARU AND KAORU! my favourite characters

Before Tama-chan realized Haruhi was a girl... Poor Honi and Oosa-chan!