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NEW FCE QUIZ! C'mon! I know it's Christmas, but learning English is still important! 😬

NEW PET QUIZ! Do you know the answer? Prove it! 😄

NEW QUIZ! What's the correct word that fits in that gap? Comment with your answers! 😀 #english #inglés #useofenglish #cae #cambridgeenglish

PET(B1) QUIZ: Can you complete the gap? 😌

NEW QUIZ for PET (B1): _______ take a selfie? 🤔

Quiz with prepositions: apart from the teacher

English quiz: absolutely breathtaking

Quiz: what's this flower's name? Daisy!

Collocation quiz: He's got a _______ beard.

NEW FCE QUIZ! Can you guess the right answer? Let me know in the comments! 😄

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