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Aquéllos que trabajan con el Arcano A.Z.F., deben cristificar la palabra. La palabra y el sexo están íntimamente relacionados. La palabra es sexual y cuando alguien trabaja en el MAGNUS OPUS, cuando alguien transmuta sus energías creadoras, debe cristificar el lenguaje, pues las palabras vulgares, las palabras inarmónicas, las palabras arrítmicas, modifican con sus vibraciones las energías creadoras, dándoles modos de vibración absolutamente fatales.

OPEN RP: I stood infront of the stain glass window. The time was coming, I'd soon be captured my the dark overlord. It was part of the prophecy,I was the daughter of light he was the son of darkness. The prophecy foretold him and I falling in love and ruling the kingdom together as one. "What you thinking about princess?" Came a male voice from behind me,I turned to see a handsome pale boy with black hair and dark eyes. It was him. the dark overlord. (I'm the princess, I need someone to be…

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