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A beautiful 22k cast ring with a "rough" textured surface, carved and fabricated by Micky Roof, for Bill Kasso...The boulder Opal was cut by Bill Kasso..

Love this if you used your grandma's diamond and my grandma's opal and then small diamonds to make it interesting like this

Make Gemstone-Like Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Cabochons for Jewelry

Synthetic opal is impregnated in laboratory with the similar structure of opal.Chemical Composition: SiO2.nH2O+Resin (Natural:SiO2.nH2O) Hardness: 4 (Natural: 5.5) Specific Gravity: 1.80-1.90 (Natural:1.98-2.20) Heat Resistance: 130 degree C.(Natural:100 degree C.) Australian Opal Rings, Australian Opal Jewelry, Australian Opal, Australian Opal Jewellery, Australian Opal Ring, Australian Opals, Australian Opals For Sale, Australian Fire Opal, Australian Opal Cutters