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I'm just curious???? When is the last time you have seen a company hire this many top notch positions in a company because of growth???? Plexus is doing so well and growing so fast that we are bringing the best of the best to work for us. These are people that could have chosen other companies, but they chose Plexus because they believe in our products and our company! People like this would not put their reputation on the line along with their finances, family, etc if P

A ton of people are asking for info about our new product #Edge (you know, the one that crashed the website!!) Here is an informative Q&A: Q: What sets #Plexus EDGE™ apart from other energy products? A: EDGE gives you healthy, sustained #energy. It gets to work fast, improving focus, concentration, mood and outlook without the sugar crash associated with other energy products. What makes EDGE truly unique is its exclusive, clinically tested ingredients - energy-boosting T

Calling ALL CONSULTANTS who work for ANY direct sales company. This holiday season I plan to support my friends and not just the big chain stores!! Want to join me? I am asking you to think of myself, along with other direct sales consultants, as you are buying gifts for friends and family members this holiday season! I am working to build my Plexus health and wellness business, helping people get healthy from the inside out. Here are some

REAL TALK ::: This isn't the product of luck, genetics or even hard work. It's the product of PROPER EDUCATION & application of knowledge. You can work hard and never see results...which is why most people quit. I see it ALL. THE. TIME. Rachel Rogers shares: Every time I go to the gym, I see the masses of dedicated men and women trying to reach their goals, yet they clearly have no idea what they're doing. It's not their fault, entirely. They are doing the best with what t

OK Teachers, not too long before school is out for the summer! Are you looking for a summer job to supplement your income? Would you rather work from home, where you can still feel like you have your summers off? Wouldn't it feel rewarding to help others get healthy while making that extra money? Oh - and you can get your family healthy with you!! I love that my family is taking Plexus products and getting healthy together. Join my team and let's get you started now before sc

I've been on Triplex & X Factor for 5 months now & people are starting to notice something is different. I've lost 17 pounds & I feel great. If your interested in learning more about the products post here or message me! If your sick & tired of being sick & tired I'm only a phone call away! Find me at Or email me at ‪#‎pinklife‬ ‪#‎Plexus‬ 60 day moneyback guarantee

How does society teach us to make extra money? • A nurse takes extra shifts. • A police officer works through the night. • A teacher tutors after teaching all day. • A hairdresser books more clients. • A graphic designer takes on freelance clients. • A single mom works a second job. • A father works overtime. All of these ways involve spending more time AWAY from your family and friends. Isn’t the goal to spend more time WITH the ones you love? Fri

There are 4 days left in July...If you've been watching my posts & wondering what this plexus is all about & how it might help you..Message me for an exciting new opportunity that's only good until July 31! I have prizes for the first 2 people that join! It only takes a small investment…& one sip could change your life! #pinklife With a 60 day moneyback guarantee what do you have to lose?!? Find me today- Or email me- krom

Magnesium #Magnesium deficiency Do you experience #headaches? How about muscle #cramps? Are you #diabetic? Do you have adrenal #fatigue? Do you suffer from #anxiety? Did you answer yes to any of the above questions? Are you in the 80% that are magnesium deficient? Watch this video to find out what the 8 warning signs are for Magnesium deficiency!! Great read on Magnesium deficiency-

Who is planning to get healthy in 2017??? Here's the deal: Plexus is not primarily a weight-loss company! The last thing we need are more weight loss systems, weight loss products, or weight loss companies, right?! We need a GET WELL system. Weight is NOT the problem. The REAL underlying cause of what is triggering the excess weight is the issue. NEWSFLASH: There's not a magic pill or a simple solution because it is not ONE thing that has caused the enormous obesity epid