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This has been one of the greatest yet super on the down low hack. Costco wants you to buy those new cartridges so you have to know they do it to get it done. Ain't no big signs at my Costco announcing this service.

peashooter85: The Greene Breechloading Bolt Action Rifle Inspired by the Prussian Dreyse needlefire rifle the Greene rifle was a single shot bolt action breechloading rifle that saw limited use during the American Civil War. Invented by Lt. Col. J. Durrel Greene in 1857 the Greene rifle was the first American bolt action military rifle and the only underhammer percussion rifle that ever saw official military service. The Greene rifle fired a .54 caliber combustible paper cartridge. The…

PF Series Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridges are high flow rates and low pressure drops,wide chemical compatibility for different applications.High flow cartridge filters have stable good filtration efficiency and long service life.

High Flow Pleated Cartridge Filters are high intensity and long service life, large flow rate and high dirt holding capacity,the sealing O-ring design no bypass to improve the filtering efficiency of pleated high flow filters.

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Spanish Destroyer Carbine 1772 The Destroyer Carbine is a small bolt action carbine usually chambered for the 9 x 23 mm Largo cartridge. It was used by Spanish police and prison services, including the Guardia Civil from the mid-1930s until the late 1960s, replacing the El Tigre Rifle. It continued the tradition, started in the 1890s, of issuing police units with a short, handy, repeating carbine in pistol ammunition calibre.