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ミニ着物を着ている『小日本』は『日本鬼子』の妹という設定。武器は姉の薙刀(なぎなた)に対して『小日本』は身の丈ほどの日本刀を持っている。 この『小日本』の登場により日本人の創作意欲が更に芽生えることは間違いないだろう。

Which Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

I actually drew this once and it is actually one of my favorite drawings beings that I suck. C:

Anime picture 1166x1631 with original no (artist) long hair single tall image blue eyes fringe white hair holding hair flower grey hair night bent knee (knees) night sky angel wings white wings girl thighhighs dress hair ornament

This is Lana, she is a prisoner inside HYDRA and has been living there her whole life. They have made her life a living hell until it fell. ADOPTED BY ME

Peaceful Hammock manga #anime #cute P.s. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die?| Odyseey Hammock - Best comfort and strong hammock for indoor and outdoor activity |