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PIECES N PLAY Domino by Lee Storm | The simplest wooden toys can be the best.

I love Mexican Train dominoes! Not only is it fun to play as a group, it makes me exercise my brain when I play it alone on the computer!

Dominos pizza role play area for my pre-schoolers to develop maths; ordinal numbers, sizes of boxes and inside: simple fractions. Also can talk about food portions & healthy eating choices and other areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Thank you to my local Dominos for the boxes! (My daughter 'helped' so a few areas need re:doing but you get the idea).


Making Dominoes Cookies with your child will open the opportunity to learn to count, read and name small collections of groups (subitising) and introduce the concept of addition. Plus all the learning opportunities that comes with cooking with kids!

How to Play Dominoes With Kids

How to Play Dominoes

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