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ou comment blanchir le lin, les nappes en damassé ou les ...chaussettes de sport. Tranches de citron, eau chaude et " mijotage" pendant une heure . Laissez sécher au soleil pour maximiser le blanchiment .

With a few sewing supplies and basic stitches, you can repair holes, seams, and hems on your garments, and extend the life of your clothes.

BEST Homemade stain remover EVER! "This trick worked wonders!!! I thought my sliding pants were ruined, but this actually worked!!"

It's time to clean your washing machine! Even if it's not visibly dirty and grungy, this will help clean soap scum and mineral deposits in the pipes and hoses. You just need vinegar, bleach, and two wash cycles!

An easy way to tool caulk is to take an ice cube and run it down the caulk line, applying steady pressure. The film of water that forms between the ice cube and the caulk makes a smooth, professional finish, and you can melt the cube in your hand to get any bead shape you want.

Apples, bananas, and peaches, oh my! Nothing can spoil a ripe and tasty bowl of fruit like a tribe of pesky and hungry fruit flies. There are many fruit fly removal methods out there, but while you can spray your fruit with bizarre chemicals, you probably shouldn’t do that if you plan on eating them later. Luckily, eBay has a tried-and-true non-toxic method to get rid of the fruit-loving critters. Read on to find out more!

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