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Britisches Unterseeboot HMS "Regulus".- Stapellauf 11. Juni 1930, gesunken 6. Dezember 1940

HMS Thorn (N 11) of the Royal Navy - British Submarine of the T class - Allied Warships of WWII -

1930's French submarine Surcouf 4303ton, armed with two 203mm(8 inch) guns and a hangar foe areconniasance airplane, lost in 1942 after hitting an american ship, or was she?

First World War. German fleet surrendering to the English. First German U-boat near the Towerbridge. London, 1918.

U-408 on 19th Dec1941 - The submarine U-408 joined 11 2nd flotilla in Norway. Acted against the Northern convoys. 3 ships of of the convoy PQ-18 (Soviet steamer "Stalingrad" (loading capacity 3559 GRT), an American ship, Oliver Ellsworth (7191 GRT), a British tanker Atheltemplar (8992brt)). U-408 sunk with all crew 45 persons on 5th november 1942 by depth charges from a Catalina of the US NAVY. Time taken: 19.11.1941 Location: Danzig, West Prussia, Germany.