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18 Whisper App Confessions That Are A Window To The Soul

it's depressing. all my life I felt like i was the backup friend (except with my BFF the last 12 yrs, thanks god for her...) >> This just says everything, doesn’t it? I either walk back there or get shoved back there. usually shoved.....

27 Things That Happen To Every Student In School

Can´t they just wait till we´re all done?!?! I mean, they´re like, "I´ll switch slide when Kate is finished writing, okay?". I mean, does that even make any sense?...

27 Random Facts About Me for My 27th Birthday

Put clothes on, change the babies' diapers, Dress babies, pack diaper bag, carry everything and everyone to the car, load into car seats, find keys I dropped en route to the car, give babies toys to keep them happy, pray we don't get lost on the way...yup. Plans are great.

Lol my best friend sent me this and I got offended for like half a second until I remembered that this is completely true.