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I love this guy so much! 😍❤️😊💞❣💙💜💚💛


Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Evan Peters- you are the reason I watch American Horror Story;)


AEC: Random hotties (27 photos)

Evan Peters, i'd knew someday he'd become big! Yes, i saw his potential even during his minor acting days in the movie, "the sleepover".


You Should Definitely Be Excited About “American Horror Story: Coven”

ahs 19 We all like a little HORROR (25 photos)

We all like a little HORROR (25 photos)


"Onde day, everything will make sense. Se for now, laugh at the confusion & smile through the tears. Just keep in mind, everything happens for a reason."


Because he is one of the few who is more important than food.

I hated how at the end of season how Tate and Violet like WERNT together in the end like he just said he'd wait for her. Like I either missed something or their not together in the end. That made me SOOOO mad