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How to Use Borax to Kill Weeds

When lawn weeds detract from the beauty of your yard, chemical intervention may be necessary. If the offender is ground ivy (Glecoma hederacea), sometimes called creeping charlie, the household cleaner Borax provides a natural home remedy. Borax contains boron, a naturally-occurring plant nutrient required for proper plant growth. However, even...

Side Yard Makeover: Creating Curb Appeal

Create curb appeal by adding a neat & colorful side garden, shutters & a window box.

Unusual Planters for Backyard Decoration, 20 Spring Decorating Ideas

Flower beds are gorgeous elements of garden design. These traditional and beautiful elements can add charming look to any corner of the garden and create spectacular centerpieces, making your yard lan Beautiful flowerbeds!!!!!

How to Group Container Gardens Together

ontainers can play matchmaker for plants that can't intermingle in the garden because of differences in height. Slip short plants into pots and elevate them to heights beyond their reach to create surprising, unexpected quick-color combinations.