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Sid Caesar & Imogen Coca. Your Show of Shows was a live 90-minute NBC-TV variety show appearing weekly on Saturday nights from February 25, 1950 until June 5, 1954. It featured Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca.

Angela Cartwright and Danny Thomas on The Danny Thomas Show circa. 1950. I remember it was sponsored by Maxwell House coffee. "Good to the last drop"

November 1, 1985: Died, Phil Silvers. The fast-talking comedian is best known for his role as the opportunistic Sergeant Bilko of the 1950's hit TV show, "You'll Never Get Rich." He once explained the secret of his success: "I'm an impatient comedian. And I feel the audience is as impatient as me."

Dinah Shore in her classic ‘throwing-a-kiss’ pose which often came at the end of her ‘See-The-USA’ song on her 1950s TV show.

Don't Miss Your Favorite Show Because Dinner's On The Table! This Colourful, Retro Tv Tray Is Inspired By Vintage 1950s Models.

Sky King - Early kid's TV show starring Kirby Grant. 1950's. Before the TV show, I listened to Sky King on the radio.