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Jordanian Bedouin girls - Ya Hilween! { such happy smiles! little girls are the same all over the world! curiosity and positivity are built in! }

WOMBFIRE(don't know who this child is or why she's being pinned but she's so adorable! That smile and that mischievous smile I want to scoop her up and do the ""Truffle Shuffle"! If you don't know what that is stop what you're doing. Go to Netflix. Sign up for streaming its worth it promise. Find movie titled The Goonies. Sit. Watch. Enjoy. One of my favorite movies growing up ~Imelda)

sirrealphoto: sirrealphoto: LONDONPhoto by Dexter R. Jones © All Rights Reserved ::PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS:: #PrettyNinja #PrettyPeriod

Young girl, Northern Pakistan - image found via tumblr unknown photographer - collected by for "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."