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Lena Dunham on Who Gets to Be Naked Onscreen and Why

Lena Dunham is coming out with her new book on body types and nudity in the industry. How the industry refuses to show any women that curvy, naked on the screen. This shows how the media gives off the appeal that to be curvy or plus sized is not as beautiful as being skinny. Alexa M.

Lena Dunham Is Utterly Adorable For ASOS

Lena Dunham's Emmy look may not have been a success -- partly due to bad hair and makeup choices -- but now we know what she's capable of from her pictures from the magazine of the British shopping website ASOS for Nov.

Going From Class to Class With Emma Sulkowicz and Her Mattress

A Day in Her Life: How mattress performance artist Emma Sulkowicz is protesting her rape. Truly inspiring.

Our Favorite Karl Lagerfeld Quotes of All Time

Fact: Besides collecting music, Karl is an avid photographer. He shoots the Chanel media kits and Advertisements.