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How to Cook Light Vitamin Salad

Ingridients. I don't mention the quantity as it's up to you how much spices you want to add. Wash salad leaves and cut them. Cut cooked chicken breasts and cabbage, add to salad leaves.

How To Make Alkaline Water In Order To Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues And Cancer

Alkaline Water Recipe. Use Alkaline Water to Fight Fatigue, Digestive Issues and Cancer filtered water, 1 sliced lemon, Himalayan salt in a glass jar; leave in room temp drink on empty stomach 3 times a day before meal and first thing in the morning)

Thực đơn ăn 6 bữa một ngày không lo tăng cân Theo Healthy and Fitness thói quen chia ra 5-6 bữa ăn nhẹ thay cho 2-3 bữa chính nhiều năng lượng giúp việc tiêu hóa thuận lợi tiêu hao năng lượng triệt để. Bữa sáng: 7h 3 lòng trắng trứng ăn cùng một lòng đỏ trứng chiên kèm với rau và quả như dưa leo hoặc cà chua. Đây là nguồn tuyệt vời của protein giúp duy trì cơ thể săn chắc và đầy năng lượng cho các hoạt động thể chất.Nguồn protein từ trứng là vô cùng cần thiết để phát triển cơ.Bữa ăn sáng…

My Top 9 Superfoods For Looking Good, Feeling Great & Losing Weight

Avocados are fantastic fruits with tons of nutritional benefits. They are an excellent source of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps cleanse and protect your body by detoxifying, removing heavy metals, and fighting free radicals. Glutathione he

Keep Calm and Eat Healthy! Also click the image for the link to 250 Healthy Recipes to burn body fat! #EatClean #Nutrition #HealthyFood

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If you're in need of a healthy hair regimen for 2015, start here:

Your Motivation For a Week of Healthy Eating

If you had a decadent weekend and you're ready to show some restraint when it comes to mealtime, look to this quote for inspiration. Treating food as the fuel that makes your body run will motivate you to make smarter, healthier choices all week long.