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2. I tried painting and printing. And I was already interested in sketching animation characters 3. Sometimes it was easy but sometimes it was hard. I got ideas from my neighbors. I prefer guidance because when its hard to get ideas I sit down for about 1-2 hours. 4.Yes, because I could express my creativity more. 5. Painting, printing, sketching, paint, ink, pencil, paper, canvas. I think that sometimes my final products came out good but other times they didn't.

I think I could have made this better by taking more time choosing the colors and taking more time blending the colors. I think this would help people get more interested in it. I think I did a good job by using the blue scale and making a midnight dream painting.

I painted with acrylics because I wanted to try something new. The new thing I tried was painting. Next time I want to work on designing sketches in paintings. It was pretty easy to come up with a idea. I rate myself a 10 on use of time during this project. I rate myself a 9 on general conduct during this project.

This is one of the animations that I did in art and I think it turned out ok but there are things that I could improve and some things that are good.I think 1 thing I could improve the shape of the bunny after the squash and stretch. Another thing I could improve is the nose being blue towards the end. One thing I think I did good is that I chose good color combinations. I think I could make this better by making it more pastely. I think I did good on making it with everything we did…

6. I think i'm strong at painting. 7. I would like to improve on making a plan before doing it without one. 8. I was doing any idea and simply experimenting. 9. Knitting or doing something with yarn. 10. That it has no story and very simple, you don't have to think about the story a lot.

I think I could've done the mouth better and the eyes better. The changes would make the monster look a bit like the original. I think that i did the sizes well, I mean I did the arms well compared to the size of the body.

One thing I would change about this artwork is the glue marks. I would change this because if I changed that I think it would look much more neater. Another thing I would change is the background colors. I would change this because if I changed the colors it would look much more calmer and not pop the background colors. I think that I had a very simple but fun idea and that it showed a story very well.

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