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"Cancelled. Due to weather." Because on any other day there is none.

"Niet mee bemoeien met vermeende gasten". Mysterieus.

Bitterheid in Gouda.

Voor het geval u dacht dat driepotige krukjes verboden waren, zetten we er nog even bij wat we bedoelen. (Amsterdam)

Found this on my phone after a long night in the pub. I'm sure the conversation surrounding it was wonderful.

"Housing Corporation, thank you for the pipe in front of our window".

"Bewuste fietsen verzamelen hier om te nestelen en voort te planten. Niet verstoren aub." (Conscious Hotel)

Never seen this on a toilet door: "Please close the door to discourage swallows from nesting".

When you point out vandalism by writing on someone else's property, is it still vandalism? (Amsterdam)

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