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This is Cotton Candy & Darkness. It's been said that I am made of cotton candy and darkness. I have just as much of an inclination toward sweetness as I do for the dark and twisted. I'll sing Sweeney Todd while I bake cupcakes, and I keep a teddy bear...

Day 23: Favorite patronus = Hermione's patronus- the otter. I love how they swim so freely. They're adorable!

Harry Potter @Rachel Kershner I see your name at the top and i 100% believe you were involved in this conversation

Why are the Slytherins evil for not wanting to fight against their families? This book wasn't black and white, Slytherin doesn't mean evil. Many of them didn't have a way out.

I'm in the Room of Requirement playing quidditch with Draco Malfoy and I need to sort out my priorities.. Damn right. If I was with Draco, I would NOT be playing quidditch lol