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My Precious Son, I'll Always Love You ♥♥♥ missing you CLIFFTON EVERY SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY EVERY IN BETWEEN. 7/ 11/2015

30 Roman Numeral Tattoos That Will Mark Your Most Memorable Date

Everyone has a number, date, or time that they find meaningful, whether it's a wedding anniversary, a loved one's birthday, or a lucky number. Check out these ideas for design and placement!

P.D.F. (Product, Disposal Facility), Michael Landy 1998; Photograph: Noah Da Costa; Courtesy of the Simmons and Simmons Collection of Contemporary Art. Image from Artangel.

This is still HUGE to me! And congrats!!! => Joakim Noah — 4th in this year’s MVP voting — and Derrick Rose are the only Chicago Bulls to get MVP votes since Michael Jordan in 1998.

Noah and Sophia were the most popular baby names in the U.S. last year

Noah supplanted Michael and Jacob to become the most popular name for a boy born in 2013, the Social Security Administration said Friday, making it the first year since 1960 (the year David reigned supreme) that a name other than Michael or Jacob topped the list. Jacob had held the top slot from 1999 to 2012, while Michael was the most popular name every single year from 1961 through 1998.