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I love places where you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the sand in your hair, the smell of sunscreen on the kids and the only shade around is under the palm trees. A place where vibes are the only thing on your mind and you come back again and again looking for that same feeling.

The first LP I ever bought, way back in 1981. I remember getting the bus to town, going into Woolworths and handing over my hard earned money. I got home and placed my pride and joy on my very cheap and tacky Fidelity HF42 Portable Record Player. I may have only been eleven but in my eyes I became a man that day. I must climb into my parents attic and see if I still have it, Coz the newer CD version just doesn't sound the same. but I'm probably biased. Where did the Years go?

Highly processed and stunning because of it. Great skin retouching, added red saturation (vibrance?) and added lashes.

23 momentos de euforia que hemos compartido todas las obsesas del maquillaje