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found this little guy in the middle of the lake all alone today! I have a new kid!

Exactly! Just because you can't fix the whole does not mean that your little bit of help does not make a difference! The difference you alone can make is worth far more than all the wealth in the world.

omfg, there are Moomintrolls all over the wall! And i'm pretty sure that that girl is sitting with Moominpapa. OH MY GOSH THOSE THINGS WERE MY CHILDHOOOOOD

oh here*s my spatz..... he was 6 wks when i got him... last of 7 kittys in a big box....he was all alone looking up from a big tv box... i paid $3. for him and he was the best kitty ever and lived till last yr. 2012 he was 19yrs.. my pal maine coon love Spatz...

This lovable creature is one of many being cared for by volunteers at the Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, many of whom wouldn't have stood a chance if left alone in the wild

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