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'말씀으로 다시 회복하길' - 미주뉴스앤조이

The Bayeux Tapestry - chronicles the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. It is actually and embroidered cloth and is nearly 230 feet long. The fact that it survived in such amazing shape since it's creation (no one knows exactly when but it is mentioned in the 1400's) is incredible... Been there!

Oh, this would be a wonderful surprise to find on the shelves! ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club ~~ **This fall, the Foodlovers will be using a variety of Cookbooks to make a village like this! Can't wait to see what we come up with! **

세월호의 희망

Title page of the first edition of Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility'. It was published on 30 October 1811Google Images

Daniel Doherty - "If Someone is Gay and He Searches For the Lord…Who Am I to Judge?"

Tall cloche filled with small books. Love. It. The Cottage Market: 25 ways to decorate with bookplate printable and thankful Thursday winner