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When women say they don't need feminism, I want you to think about how much you love your jeans.

This stuff pisses me off so much. they are human, guys cry just like girls do and should be allowed to be emotional. everyone should be free to express their feelings and concerns for their mental health. To all the guys out there struggling, I'm here for you and things get better. Your allowed to seek help if you feel like your in a dark place.

When will it end? What will it take? When own family members ignore. Friends don't believe. It's our fault. I'm done. This world.

"...And you're rude... bad mannered and deranged... So stop pissing me off and browsing my boards when you have no intention of being a gentleman... or I will block you!".. J.L. Thomas :D

Literally get this all the time from my dad and he just says "I'm trying to prepare you for the real world where people are going to piss you off" like??? Okay??? I'll learn then, stop making me slowly develop hatred towards you

I will take the mint Telecaster on the right please>> I thought they were Stratocasers but hell yeah I'll have the blue one.

I understand his emotions behind blaming Sherlock, but dammit it pisses me off. He's angry at himself. He kinda sorta broke his own vow (to be faithful to his wife)--- and now he's taking it out on Sherlock. >_< So true....