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this ladder is my set and represents prudence trying to climb up and reach the devil, it is gradual as along the way she gains the corbies trust while getting inside the devils head at the very end. To recreate this i would use black rostra to represent the rocky surface at the bottom , then a ladder lit up by a profile spot light with a red gel cover. This set was unrealistic as we didn't have access to a ladder and wouldn't be able to use for health and safety reasons

When and How to Cut Your Dog's Nails

How to cut your dog's nails with out causing them pain or cutting the quick. Buying the best tool for the job and how to cut dark claws.

40 Cosas extremadamente geniales que necesitas para acampar

Puppy sleeping bag...Love this, no more having to either share, listen to whining because I won't share, or be having to scrunch my legs up so a dog can curl up at the bottom of my own sleeping bag. Worth every second, though!

I simply love this... when you discover the dog that you were always meant to be with, you cannot go back.