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Happy international women's day! Let's all support and lift each other up. #internationalwomensday #women #womeninbusiness #businesswoman #work #workhard #humble #goals #goaldigger #achiever #success #successful #motivation #motivational #motivated #businessdoll #businessowner by business.doll

Wild was tumultuous but in the end so very lifting. Let's continue to lift each other up so that we can do like @cherylstrayed and make peace with our fears. Happy #iwd2016 my friends ☄ #internationalwomensday

Happy International Women's Day. Today I'm celebrating myself and the strong women I'm fortunate to have in my life. This year lets be better to ourselves, judge a little less and lift each other up a little more.I hope today you appreciate the unique person you are and share a little love with the bad ass chicks around you. ❤️Repost from @lucyhale #HappyInternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay #love

"Surround yourself with strong women. Women who lift you up when you’re down. Women who challenge you, who push you to try new things and think differently. Women who want the best for you (not those who cut you down to make themselves feel better). Women who you can be yourself with, no questions asked. Women who love you for who you are. And women who make you want to be a better version of yourself. Because when you do, when we lift each other up and support one another no matter what…

Yesterday I met with the women of @kinshipsummit and couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed & encouraged to be surrounded by such inspiring women. But want to know the best part? These women empower, they encourage, they go out of their way to lift others up! Today let us be women that empower, not compete! Happy Friday! | Image by the lovely @jennakutcher

cheers to all of the strong, fabulous ladies around the world for who you are, what you do and what you will do. stay lifted! illustration by Charissa Ware #internationalwomensday