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I found these names of miners 615ft below Kansas. One of them sounds pretty familiar.

Fred Bennett Sterling Silver for Men’s and Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet of 6.5-7.1cm

Every Curse (a person who has chosen the Douleurs Dragon over Lord Song) is marked with one of these on their ears. In the end, every Curse chooses Lord Song, and he provides them rest in his kingdom, a beautiful forest-seaside. #CenturiesAndGoodness

Very British Problems. The zebra crossing and queue jumper ones made me laugh so hard!

French bulldog in a hoodie - so cute!

Sindys were better than Barbies-hands down! Their houses,clothes+all their accessories! I had this riding Sindy she had a gorgeous brown horse too- Many fun memories♥

17 illustrations that perfectly explain every girl’s experiences

Every single woman in the world will recognise these situations!

Vintage 1980's toy songbird sweetshop - I had this on the 90's - had mini Mr Kipling cake boxes and the comics and top label design were a little more modern - otherwise identicle!