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コスタ・デル・ソル 3 フリヒリアナ Frigiliana  (フリヒリアナ) - 旅行のクチコミサイト フォートラベル

Spain an alley

Old woman who inhabited the alleys off Fleet St. Characterful portraits of Londoners, believed to be by photographer Donald McLeish (1879-1950), selected from the three volumes of Wonderful London edited by St John Adcock and produced by The Fleetway House in the nineteen-twenties.

San Francisco Noir

Burritt Street, where Sam Spade’s partner is murdered in “The Maltese Falcon.”

An unidentified alley in Lambeth, London c. 1860’s. Uneven cobbles, walls jutting out and leaning as if about to collapse, and is that a costermonger’s barrow at the end of the alley?

I think these are Melaleuca (tea tree) seed pods. Not the same species as the other Melaleuca I shot on this trip, though. Shot in San Francisco, California, in late December.

After seeing the work of photographer C.A.Mathew published on Spitalfields Life, Adam Tuck was inspired to revisit the locations of the pictures taken a century ago. Subtly blending his own photographs of Spitalfields 2012 with C.A.Mathew’s photographs of Spitalfields 1912, Adam has initiated an unlikely collaboration with a photographer of a century ago and created a new series of images of compelling resonance.

West Laithe by Fay Godwin - print. In this image i see texture form the brick paving. The floor looks smooth and worn and is obvious to see that it is wet. It looks like the image was taken down a quite alley leading to houses or just as a short cut to another street.