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Doctor Who selfie

I can’t even… this is my favorite Who fan art ever.

Community Post: 20 "Doctor Who" Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

Some will say there are 13 men in this image, I can only see one.

Oh, I love love love love this! One of my all-time favorite moments in Doctor Who is the 12 Doctors flying their tardises into Gallifrey's lower atmosphere.

Funny Doctor Who Tumblr Posts Sorry about the fandom post~

Behind the Scenes - The 5 Doctors. Love their individual expressions. Four is above the clouds and Five is gruffly bemused

Time Lord Selfie

Crossing one's own time stream for a selfie? Really, Five, this is the sort of recklessness I'd expect from Eleven.

I love how the doctors aren't really organized by order or classic vs nu who and they're all just lumped together and DUDE

Doctor Who. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

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