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hi , my name is steve . sometimes i start to wonder, was it just a lie? if what we had was real, how could you be fine? cause i'm not fine at all. snapchat: maiqeel

and it really sucks when you know how happy you were and how easy it was to put the issue behind you just yesterday. and you don't ever want to waste someone's time, so you never talk about it. and plus, the people you should get help from, are the issue.

Ohai, I'm Miss Dolliecrave. I reblog immature random shit. I enjoy laughing at pugs and flat face cats. Association: CherryBam Quotes Fun Facts LOLsotrue  Zombies Lurking

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♥♥♥ My Name Is Miranda. I'm 25 Years Young. I Shit Rainbows, And Puke Glitter. I Love Cupcakes And Unicorns. I Get Bored With People Very Easy. My Mood Is Pretty Much Always Depressed.♥♥♥

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Can't even begin to say how much i love this expecially today, i am so tired being everyone's punching ball....Do what you love, and fuck them all.

Sometimes the world can seem like a bit of a rubbish place. That or we find OURSELVES in a rubbish place. It can be difficult - at these times - to find the light and the simple things that can make a...