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Many parents are badly shaken when witnessing the seizures in their children for the first time. Dr Phuah Huan Kee from SBCC Baby & Child Clinic tell us more about epilepsy in children. #epilepsy

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Adoption in Singapore | The New Age Parents #newageparents #adoption #singapore #family #planning

We would like to share a simple but useful “PARENTS” tip that will provide you with examples on how you can go about being intentional in teaching positive values to your little ones. #postivevalue #parents

Has becoming a mother changed your social circle of friends? Gaining new friendships or losing old friends. What changes did you go through after becoming a mother? #motherhood #gainandloss

Choosing a name for your baby is an important task as it is your child’s identity. What name will you choose for your baby girl? #babygirl #name

Skin rash can affect children during outdoor fun. Don’t let skin rash affect the family fun. Learn about these skin rash and take precautions against them. #skinrash #outdoorfun

Are you planning for a baby? How do you know when is the best time to get pregnant? #pregnancy #pregnant #mothertobe