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The power of Duplication will not only bring a product to market fast, but also the power of duplication is behind all great society progressions. This hub shows you why and how to use this power.

Verity Poldark (Ross' cousin/Francis' sister) (Ruby Bentall) http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/poldark/gallery.htm

Qiu Jin (1875-1907) Revolutionary Chinese heroine, feminist, and activist Qiu Jin founded a radical women’s journal, attempted to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, and rallied for women’s rights to marry freely and receive an education.

Iconic image of Che Guevara - the Argentine Marxist revolutionary who played a key role in changing Cuba forever.

Women's Suffrage gives women the right to vote. It was the 19th amendment and established in 1920. This event changed women's roles and was very revolutionary. This photo is a parade for women's suffrage.

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