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Arkansas firefighter shot and killed helping seizure patient in early morning medical emergency call; homeowner arrested

Volunteer Firefighter Shot and Killed While Responding to 911 Call. Jason Adams died while responding to call that a man was having seizures. Homeowner Mark Pruitt said "Someone came in the house." Yep, that's enough reason to shoot and kill someone in cold blood; your wife, who's standing right there, lets some one you don't know into the house. Your first reaction, don't ask who the hell they are but simply grab a gun laying around and murder them. `Murica.

Arkansas Firefighter Shot Dead While He Responded To A 911 Call. Homeowner Mark Pruitt was having a seizure so his wife called 911. As Pruitt's was coming out of the seizure he saw volunteer firefighter Jason Adams. Pruitt's immediate reaction was to grab his weapon that was laying around and exercise his 2nd Amendment rights, firing his gun killing the man who just rushed to his home to save his life. Is 'Shoot First, Ask Questions Later' what they're taught in their Well Regulated…

JEREMY PITTARI/PICAYUNE ITEM Pearl River County deputies who responded to a report of a shooting at this gun shop on Mississippi 43 found the store owner and his son dead in the store. Two customers, also a father and son, were shot and wounded.

A 3-year-old boy was shot and killed outside his home in Apison early Monday, and investigators are keeping quiet about exactly what happened.

What Do Conservatives Want When They Say Their Rallying Cry, "I Want My Country Back?" - The attached article gives some ideas what that call to arms is demanding.

Plenty of stories about citizens using assault weapons to kill multiple people at once. Not one single story about how someone actually used one to defend themselves.

Drunk Motorist Gets Stuck In Snow, Fatally Shoots Rescuer. When 'good guy with a gun' Marvin Lee got drunk and skidded his car off the road, another car with three people pull over to rescue him and Lee decides the best thing to do is pull out his weapon and just start shooting. One of the rescuers was shot and fell to ground, the driver then walked over to him and executed him at close range. Is that what a 'Well regulated militia' teaches? 2nd Amendment Freedumb.

True ... And very sad . Shouldn't people like have to take a mental test before…

FEEL HELPLESS? The Orlando shooter was on the FBI's radar as a known ISIS sympathizer but still able to legally buy guns. Here are the 50 Senators who voted NO to close the terror gap to make background checks mandatory on all gun sales. Call them. Tweet them. Email them. LET THEM HEAR YOU ROAR!