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Touch Me And Understand What Happiness Is.

Touch is about feelings and feelings can’t be wrong. They are simply feelings and give happiness. How we react to them may be a problem.

Vegan for the earth, the animals, and myself. Yoga keeps me sane. The name is Selena, and as long as i have surrounded myself in nature i am happy. I have been on this earth for 20 aprils, and am currently majoring in environmental science. Aries...

What is Shiatsu?

Chakra Flower Girl increasing vibrational frequencies via opening chakras. This piece was created using ink, colored pencil, and watercolor by Christine Huber You can find products with this design at

How to Remove Negative Energy

Learn how to remove and release energy that is no longer serving you, by Sarah Petruno Shamana at Earth Energy Healings

Raise Your Vibration to Attract What You Want

Why raise your vibration? Raising your vibration helps build momentum to move you forward towards the life you desire. Affirmations are great manifesting techniques but we can take it a step further with Reiki... reiki healing | law of attraction | reiki energy | reiki benefits | holistic healing | manifestation | chakra balancing | chakra clearing | clear chakras | holistic wellness

This explanation of chakras is not only easy to understand, it's beautiful to look at too :)

The Chakras Explained (Infographic)