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A Look At 21 International Borders Around The World

In colonial times, Haiti had a population seven times higher than its neighbour. Today, the two countries are more or less on par (10m in Haiti versus 9m in the Republic) but at half the size of its neighbour, Haiti has a far higher population density. This in combination with low rainfall and scant legislation led to rapid deforestation on the Haitian side.

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The nation of Haiti was once 60 percent covered in forest. Today, only 2 percent of the country still has standing trees. This picture shows an aerial of the border between Haiti (left) and the Dominican Republic (right). Haiti has cleared almost every tree right up to its borders. And with the recent devastating earthquake, the island's environmental situation has worsened.

Satellite image showing deforestation in Haiti. This image depicts the border between Haiti (left) and the Dominican Republic (right). Less than 2% of the land is forested.

Haiti's border with the Dominican Republic (right) shows the amount of deforestation on the Haitian side

Use this simple Birch Trees border to bring a natural feel to your bulletin boards and displays. This birch tree forest with wispy green leaves will give outdoor inspiration inside your classroom. This border is great for seasonal decorating and a variety of bulletin board themes (science, plants, trees, nature, forests, camping, etc.)