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#EventProfs - From day in and day out RFPs. SOWs, venue sourcing, mobile event app finding, attendee engaging (before, during and after the event) - and the multitude of other tasks that lay upon any event professionals lap - it's easy to say that event planning is hard work. We've taken a gather around and found 7 (more) essential quotes to keep event professionals inspired, and on point:

19 Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

how we think about growing a business online presence. What are the things to pay attention to when starting with content marketing?

12 Things Event Planners Can Learn From Pokemon Go - The latest gaming craze of Pokemon Go can teach event planners a lot of about what attendees want from the blending of digital and live experiences.

Each Friday we focus on us – MeetingPlay. We get a little personal and help others know the faces behind the work that happens when you choose to work with the most custom and engaging mobile event app. A face that you may not work with directly, but surely encourages and supports every development, creation and customization of the mobile event apps that MeetingPlay creates for clients – is a marketer. Meet MeetingPlay's #eventprofs, Blair Pettrey

#EventProfs – Welcome to the world of live engagement – events in real time. With the creation of Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook live, and now the latest – YouTube Live, what does this all mean for events as we know them? Learn how the event industry is changing, and how @MeetingPlay is here to help events continue to be successful every step of the way.

It’s time for another weekly roundup of content for event professionals from around the web. Once a week, the MeetingPlay blog shares useful and worthwhile content from around the web – spreading the good news of the event technology and ‪#‎eventprofs‬ world!

#EventProfs – Event execution (and the success that should come thereafter) is no easy task. Yet believe it or not, ‘Revenge Glitter’ can actually teach you 3 important tips to leveraging engagement, brand/event awareness, and onsite success the day of your event! Read more:

John C. Maxwell is known for his innovatively strong leadership abilities, as well as his capabilities of transforming ‘non-leaders’ into leaders. He attributes much of his own success to 7 steps. These 7 steps are just as applicable for event professionals!

When it comes to the world of events, there seems to be a million different approaches, “best practices” and solutions for how to engage and network your audience. No one in the industry is short of answers to define what event engagement is and even further how to ensure your event is truly engaging. One of the many ways that we at MeetingPlay help our event planners facilitate event engagement, is through event gamification. Read more: