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Photo of Three Banded Lady Beetle on NaturalCrooksDotCom

The #ladybug to collect for 2015...the three banded ladybug..

Three-Banded Lady Beetle It is not so commonly found, but is sometimes seen in Canada and the U.S. It has an orange body with black bands on it. These bands appear like bands present on a tiger's body.

Close-up image from my illustrated digital cut-out Vintage Ladybug Collection, featuring the Three Banded Ladybug

These ladybugs will bring you kitchen luck! These high density plastic bowls have soft-grip feet and handles. The foot design allows the user to mix at an ergonomically correct angle. Double as serving bowls. 5, 3, & 1.5 quart, set of three banded. Dishwasher safe. NOTE: Not recommended for use with an electric hand mixer.

Coccinella Triasficata Subversa a subspecies of the Three-banded lady beetle

Three-banded Lady Beetle (Coccinella trifasciata). Photographed by Adrian D. Thysse. Another Three-banded Lady Beetle: